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Pixel - Looking Through a Screen

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Archival print mounted behind acrylic and ready to hang, Limited Edition of 25, Size: 50 x 60 cm
Fine Art Giclee Print on paper, unframed
Large scale print, printed on premium perspex and suitable for lightbox display

It’s never before been so easy to create one’s own persona - a brand new online identity we can shape and colour as we like. We can make this multifaceted new being as personable, friendly and outgoing as we’d like her to be. Or she can display all the traits we’d do anything to distance our physical selves from… She can make us new friends, get us that new job or just serve as an outlet of unspoken desires. She is there to engage with the world in our stead.

"Pixel" explores the impact of new technology and social media on our contemporary lives and the way we relate to the world. While we live in fascinating times, I wonder how much we stand to lose by letting go of the way life used to be and the way we used connect to others. A certain level of purely human physical connection, perhaps? A complete experience of the present?

What are the ethical implications?

Does our online identity help us retain our privacy and sense of self or does it in fact cause us to potentially relinquish all control over them?