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A devoted painter, Paola Minekov encapsulates vital sentiments and moments of life using a discernible visual language. Her work reveals influences of early Modernist traditions, blending abstraction with figuration to depict lyrical, yet dynamic scenes. Inspired by her personal experiences, her visceral works inspire contemplation and focus on the human condition.

Echoes of Romance, gouache on paper


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Paola was encouraged to pursue an artistic career from an early age, influenced by her parents, both successful artists. Her life path led her through different countries and continents, enriching her educational and living experience. While experimenting with different media during her formative years, the artist abandoned the world of digital art, to return to the canvas, her true passion.

Dancers, Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas

Recording her experiences and visions, the artist has created several series of paintings. While exploring a more traditional representation through portraiture and still lives, she produced different, stylistically coherent bodies of work. “Dancers” series documents her enthusiasm for classic ballet, “Cityscapes” recount the story of her itinerant life, while “Undercurrents” is a symbolic group of paintings based on different human experiences and emotions. One of the latest ongoing pursuits of the artist is motivated by her fascination with buskers, revealing curiosity and a keen interest in these street performers and their world. Each of these series was born from a particular concept, which is developed over a long period of time, without necessarily being concluded. Vibrant “Dancers” might overlap with atmospheric “Cityscapes” or moody “Undercurrents” in different aspects, together representing a complex idea of the painter.


Gaslight London, print

Thematically diverse, Paola Minekov’s works show a distinct style. Reading through pictorial layers influenced by Cubism, Post-Impressionism or geometric modernist works, each of her paintings retains a particular rhythm. Such dynamics is prompted by the artist’s exploration of the movement. Sleek, angular forms engage in dance, grow from the ground or make characteristic gestures, as embodiments of the original idea. They come alive in a lively flow of energy, further animated by the way colour is used.

Chromatically harmonious, the artist’s work is executed in many hues of blue and their complementary pairs. Paola Minekov enjoys exploring and extending her recognizable palette through subtle application of red accents, and gray or yellow planes. Clever and intentional colour combinations stand in service of the psychology of human relationships and personal observations the artist continues to study throughout her work.


Kiss in blue, print

Paola Minekov studied Fine Art in Israel and holds a bachelor’s degree in multimedia attained at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her work was exhibited in over 30 international solo and group exhibitions. She was a participant in the international public art projects such as Faberge Egg Hunt and The Elephant Parade. In 2012, she acted as a Curator of the Google Art Project for the Google Cultural Institute, Zeitgeist Conference. In 2013, the artist created the Students’ Union mosaic, a result of a community project initiated by the Institute of Education in London.

Paola Minekov continuously takes part in charitable and educational projects for children as an active member of the artistic community in London.

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