Shards 3


Digital drawings printed on brushed aluminium, supplied with a plate hook on the reverse for wall hanging

Edition of 25

Size: Small 16cm x up to 75cm (S3)

Large 25cm x up to 99cm (L3)

Artist: Caroline Underwood

“Shards 3” is the third piece of a six-piece installation of digital drawings printed on brushed aluminium. These are digital drawings made from real shapes and textures, using as a starting point photographs the artist took of real trees found in a small park at the foot of the Shard, 95-storey glass-sheathed skyscraper in Southwark, London.  The images are digitally cut into and layered, to create contrasts that echo aspects of the place more widely: the close up texture of the bark becomes the River Thames in the background; the fractals created by the tree branches and the shapes in between recall glass and windows, fragments of views and reflections, the reflected light of the sky. The sequence of six Shards represents the architectural shapes: the facets of the Shard’s geometric form have been taken apart and laid out flat to create a new pattern.

Works from the series have been exhibited in sets of 3 or 4 as pyramids or sculptural form. However, they are the most effective lined on a shelf in a row or hung on a wall as a group, flattening out the architecture and creating a new cityscape of its own.

As a single scene, the work evokes Giorgione's Tempest to a degree. The soft, bushy form bends over the mighty river (but could also be the sky), while we await the storm. It is the lightest piece of the series, entirely focused on the background.