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The Gherkin, Art Print by Paola Minekov

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Museum Quality Limited Edition Fine Art Print. Edition of 100. Artist Prints currently available.
Fascinated with The Gherkin building, one of the modern landmarks of London, Paola Minekov painted an interpretation of it in her own geometric, abstract style. The lines depicting the structure flow naturally and extend into the environment, through both the ground and the sky. The shape of The Gherkin is in the focus, supported by gentle waves and sturdy, straight constructions on its sides. We can anticipate the building’s glass facade the shades of blue and green, and the way in which the light breaks against it.

"The Gherkin is an iconic symbol of London’s skyline. It has fascinated me since the moment I first saw it. In this abstract painting I’ve depicted it’s futuristic shape as it towers above the surrounding buildings, casting a playful texture of mystery, shadow, and light all around”, the artist said. 

Artist: Paola Minekov
Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching Paper