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Four Seasons

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Archival print, mounted on aluminium and ready to hang
Limited Edition Giclee Print, Edition of 25, unframed, Size: 30 × 30 cm

Two characteristics dominate the visual language of Paola Minekov - geometry and colour. Since her work can be described as lyrical, colour is most often the main bearer of the message or the emotion the artist wants to depict. In each of her paintings, Paola endeavors to explore the expressive possibility of a particular nuance in a rather scientific way. Following the trail of the Impressionists, she explores the ways in which colour perception changes depending on the light and the setting.

In “Four Seasons”, the artist utilizes a very classical art-historical subject to explore the expressive potential of a particular shade of red, which changes in different circumstances. It gives out one expression when used as a dominant hue, and completely another when it’s applied sparingly as an accent. The work belongs to her digital art oeuvre, but the shade and its properties are explored in  a rather painterly manner.

Four Seasons - Lantern Space
Four Seasons - Lantern Space
Four Seasons - Lantern Space
Four Seasons - Lantern Space