Dusk Flight 1


Options: Limited Edition Giclee Print

Original painting on canvas

Size: 50x50 cm

Artist: Caroline Underwood


Giclee print, Limited Edition of 50

Size: 50x50cm including 10cm white border, signed and numbered

Blue or Cobalt, endless and ever-present, the sky has been a source of inspiration for countless artists. Caroline’s ode is sung to the dusk, a time in which the sunlight produces the most interesting effects, while the day turns to night. Tremendous white clouds contrast the freckled darkness of the cosmos adding to the impression, as a bird takes its flight, reminding us of all the living creatures of the Earth.

“Dusk Flight 1” is the first interpretation of the mathematically organized series, evoking a sense of a specific place and time from the artist’s memory. The work is inspired by the scene observed at the Isle of Wight and different visuals seen during the artist’s trip to Ireland.