Crispy Morning


Original painting on canvas

Size: 122x92 cm

Artist: Caroline Underwood


Giclee print, Limited Edition of 50

Size: 61x46cm including 10cm white border, signed and numbered

A snow landscape “Crispy Morning” is an allegorical image of being one with nature rooted in the ideas of philosophical Taoism. The scene exudes all the overwhelming softness of a fresh snow in morning, paralleled with a cloudy sky, while the texture of the painting evokes the snow furrows. The usual monochromatic palette Caroline Underwood uses is appropriate for a rather realistic depiction of the scene. We can detect one small figure close to the blurry horizon, a tiny suggestion of life in the magnificent, but harsh setting. The minuscule figure of a man references similar characters from European Romantic landscape painting, as does the atmosphere and the theme. The work was drawn from a real place, Hilly Fields in South East London, which was the artist’s local park at the time, a place she walked in every day regardless of the weather.

“The piece actually represents the beginning of an important journey for me, when I first took up a New Year’s resolution to learn to run.  I began running in Hilly Fields on this very frosty and misty winter’s day.  There was one other person in the park, walking his dog.  After I finished my first run I took a quick photo on my phone and referred to this, as well as working from memory, to recall the experience through the painting.” - Caroline Underwood