Giclee print, edition of 50

Size: 50x50 cm

Artist: Caroline Underwood

“Circles” is an abstracted interpretation of a silver birch forest.  It was based on a real place in Finland the artist had previously visited, but the piece relates just as strongly to other similar locales she traveled to since. Caroline often uses mathematical structures, geometric references or number systems to organise ideas and forms in her work.  In this case, the title “Circles” refers to the geometry: the round footprints of the trees, if considered from a perpendicular viewpoint, above or below, with the forest evolving as a series of exponentially expanding circles. This is contrasted with the linear grid of vertical forms that we are confronted with when we walk into or through a forest.  The piece was inspired by the idea that trees grow best in a community, where their roots and leaves can touch those of other trees.