Echoes of Romance, Original


Options: Acrylic on Panel

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Original: Gouache on Paper diptych, Each panel 30 x 60 cm
Limited Edition Giclee Print on Paper, Edition of 90

"Lack of communication between lovers leads to power-play, manipulation and pain. What interests me is the roles people then assume, their intricate psychological reactions to each other and to their troubled relationships. I’ve chosen a cold monochrome tonality to depict silence and the resulting emotional distance between two contrasting, disintegrating figures," says Paola Minekov about this piece. 

The flowing lines flow through both compositions connecting them and describing the delicate emotions of the portrayed archetypes. This melancholic piece exudes a certain tranquility, inspiring the observer to contemplate on the possible romantic complications. Embracing and reliving these emotions is what brings the final catharsis, both to the protagonists and to the viewers alike.