Paola Minekov blogged for Dulwich on View

Paola Minekov blogged for Dulwich on View

March 27, 2012

Find out more about Colourful World's story in this article Paola Minekov wrote for the popular South London online magazine Dulwich on View.

"When I picked it up from the Big Egg Hunt’s office – the taxi driver saw it and said, ‘Blimey, I hope it doesn’t hatch in here!’

I was in the process of moving to my new studio, so the giant ceramic egg was living in the middle of my living room for a few weeks, it was great fun! While I was still priming it and doing some research, my visitors would look at it, walk around it, and ask whether it’s a new designer lamp I’d invested in..."

Read the full article here: Find the ‘Colourful World’ egg at the Big Egg Hunt

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