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In today’s society, there are many ways to spend money and bring ourselves joy and pleasure. While it is rather subjective to say which one of those ways is the most satisfactory one, I am sure that most of the visitors of this website will agree that buying art has lasting value and can enhance our lives in many ways.

  • Art brings emotion to your life

Just think about your home, the place where you spend most of your personal time. Every house needs colours and art so we can feel the comfortable pleasure of being ourselves and doing what we love to do. Not only are artworks an undeniable part of a sophisticated interior design, they can warm up our living rooms, bring up a notch of passion to our bedrooms and stimulate creativity and imagination in our children’s minds.







Artwork - African Beauty by Kelvin Kariithi


  • Art can improve business efficiency and productivity

Even though business requires serious etiquette and protocol, no one likes to think, create and work in a grey and unwelcoming environment. Investing in artwork for your office or working space can increase the productivity of your employees and help you express better your business image while making your clients feel comfortable. Don’t forget that the first impression is always created visually! What is more, nowadays investing in art for your business can grant you the advantage of a 100% tax deduction on your purchases!



  • Artists support

Culture is an undeniable part of our existence. Today’s saturation of mass communication, media and modern audio-visual technologies embodies all manner of content and artistic expression in our everyday life. Modern art, paintings, photography, cinema, music … The list goes on. We like art and we can’t live without it. Buying artwork is the preservation of human creativity. Supporting those who make it is a contribution to our cultural heritage.  


Artwork - Dance by Ivan Minekov


  •  An Artwork can be a serious investment

An effective investment is proven with numbers. The UBS and Art Basel Report for 2018 stated that the art sales on the global scale reached as much as $64.7 billions. Furthermore, the average value of artworks sold at auctions can rise up to a significant 21% within a twelve-month period. Art is also unrelated to the ups and downs in the major stock markets, which makes it an exciting resource for every collector or investor even in times of global economic uncertainty.  

These are just a few reasons why filling your life with art is a good thing. For each one of us, art collectors or not, there can be many more personal reasons why acquiring art would enrich our day to day existence. One thing is certain - art is an important aspect of our morality, spirituality and humanity. 

We should all take a step back from the consumer’s world we live in and feed our soul. Is there a better way to do it than art?

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